Welcome to Pink Laughter Designs!

Pink Laughter Designs is a small freelance design service fronted by the artist and writer Allyson N. Jason. Pink Laughter Designs offers distinctive, whimsical and highly imaginative designs and illustrations based on the Pink Laughter Philosophy.

The Pink Laughter philosophy is about implementing and retaining the spirit of child-like innovation and creative childhood sensibilities into the world of visual communications and design.

Pink Laughter Designs specializes in:

  1. illustration (book, magazine, etc., etc.)
  2. Web design and front end web development
  3. static & animated banners and logos
  4. design packages (campaign/advertisement layouts)
  5. letterheads/business cards/mailers
  6. catalogs & menus
  7. posters & brochures
  8. CD design & layouts
  9. articles, short stories & reviews

Resume Upon Request... (please see contact section)